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Why Celebrity Extensions?

There’s no denying it: there are a lot of people in the hair extension business these days. No doubt you have discovered this as you have done your research, trying to decide where the best place to get your hair extensions done is, even if you have had them in your hair before. Who will give you the results you want while taking the utmost care of your hair? Who is friendly? Who really knows their stuff? The answer to that question is definitely Celebrity Extensions!

So what sets Celebrity Extensions apart from all the rest? Absolutely everything!

Jennifer, the owner of Celebrity Extensions, has been in the hair extension business for 20+ years, and was one of the first hair extension specialists in the LA area. Jen knows that hair extensions can do so much for a woman’s confidence and happiness, and she strives to ensure that all of her clients leave feeling and looking their very best. Always warm and welcoming, Jennifer treats her clients like family, from calling just to check in with her clients to see how everything is to keeping a special cell phone at the ready for any hair emergencies that might arise.

Celebrity Extensions is not your typical salon atmosphere, either.  Our salon is known for it’s energetic, fun, and non-snooty environment, where a girl can let her hair down (literally and figuratively!) and just be who she is. At Celebrity Extensions we want our clients to be comfortable and happy, and know that we are always here for them. It’s this kind of total dedication, and the hard earned trust of her clients, that makes Jennifer the best in her business, and puts Celebrity Extensions at the top of it’s class! 

For more information and to keep up to date with what's going on with the Celebrity Extension salon check out our Social Media page for links to our Facebook, Instagram, Google +, and The Knot!

Celebrity Extensions
Owner of Celebrity Extensions. Jennifer Jeanné

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