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Hair Extensions - Do Your Homework!

We can not emphasize how important it is to do your Hair Extension Homework.​

  • With almost every salon globally doing Hair Extensions today, it is hard to determine "Who is the Best Hair Extensionist for me". ​

  • If we can give you a couple words of advice: Be very careful of whom you let touch your hair. Many people offering hair extensions today have not been trained properly. They learn quick and jump to give discounts so they can practice on paying clients.

  • Hair Extensions are an art... Long term experience, expertise and skill are a requirement (cosmetology schools do not teach hair extensions.)

  • Would you want to go to a restaurant that has a 'D' grade to save money and possibly get food poisoning? The answer here should probably be 'no'.

  • Be wary, you will end up spending more money and precious time to have this expensive investment fixed. Many second grade salons are also selling you synthetic hair to make more money. Burn a little piece of the hair, if it smells like burnt hair, it is human hair.


We truly care about everyone who is thinking about getting hair extensions. Not only should the Hair Extensionist be well trained and Certified but YOU should be trained as well on proper hair care techniques. THIS IS CRITICAL!!

*Remember* this is your hair! You must put complete trust into the one that will touch it.

​Even if you decide to go with someone else for Hair Extensions feel free to contact us to ask questions. We would rather guide you in the right direction, than to hear you had a bad experience.​  Be sure to check our ongoing blog posts for tips,tricks and hair extension know how!


Celebrity Extensions Versus The Rest

  • Celebrity Extensions treats all clients with the utmost respect just as if they were family. We have dedicated, life long clients due to our knowledge, up-to-date methods and technologies.

  • We specialize ONLY in quality high end human hair extension application and book up every day thanks to our Global Reputation.

  • Celebrity Extensions is the #1 voted Hair Extensions Salon in Los Angeles and has been for over 25 years.

  • We work with all types of hair and hair conditions including:

    • Trich

    • Fine hair

    • Chemo recovery

    • Alopecia

    • Thyroid Disorder

    • Female Pattern Baldness

    • Brittle, chemically treated and colored hair

    • The list goes on!


  • We have been written up by the Susan G Komen Foundation and many others for our quality of work.

Hair Extension Application Do’s and Don’ts!


  • When dealing with the Strand by Strand Hair Extension Method many will try to sell you on number of pieces as the strands come in different weights!

  • If someone tells you that they will give you 250 pieces(strands) if the weight is .5 grams you will have very stringy hair.

  • Our strands are 1 gram each. This will give you the fullness, not a bunch of strings.​​​

  • ​When getting hair extensions some salons offer methods using a separation clip. Do not let them use these! This clip takes the extensions about a 1/2 an inch off the scalp, which then cuts the wear down by a month or so because of growth. These extensionists do this method to get you to come back frequently so that they can charge you more often.

Advice From Jennifer Jeanné


  • Tape-Ins are not offered by me. Due to having to save too many clients from other salons that do this method. Major damage. Tape causes rows of ripping on your own hair. It is an easy and cheap way for fast extensions but long term HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED.

  • Metal, as in clip-in extensions and too many micro-link beads (metal tubes/beads) hair extensions are very damaging to your hair. Just think, metal is heavy and too harsh for your individual strands of hair to carry and when heat is applied to the metal, like a blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron etc., your own hair is getting fried inside the metal causing a lot of breakage and when water gets inside the metal tubes it causes rust and corrosion(be careful!)

  • We know that Hair Extensions are a pricey deal but if you try to save and get​ less then you need, you will be the one that everyone will say "Oh my god, look at that girl with the hair extensions, yikes!".​

  • ​Hair Extensions are an investment, so if you can't afford it you should save up to get it done properly.

  • ​Jennifer is the Inventor of the Patented Atrak/Celebrity Track Method... It has come to our attention that certain people are now trying to copy this method.. Like we said previously, do your homework..

  • We have over 25 years of Hair Extension Experience

  • Our prices are very reasonable. Our main and only goal is to make you feel beautiful! Check them out here!

  • Our Hair Extensions are 100% pure human remy hair, hand picked by Jennifer Jeanné for the best quality.

  • Celebrity Extensions is conveniently located 2 miles north of LAX Airport for out of state/country Clientele.

  • For daily updates on before and after pics, check out our INSTAGRAM PAGE. It is not necessary to 'Like' it in order to view. Enjoy :)

There is only 1 Celebrity Extensions in the WORLD and WE are it. If any salon or stylist state that they use Celebrity Extensions or are Celebrity Extensions, Please contact us at (310) 338-9300 text or call to confirm first!

Visit our BLOG for very important information.

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