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Suzie J.  New Orleans  LA.

I started wearing hair extensions in the late 80's and I have tried EVERY SINGLE METHOD out there.  A-Tracks are the best thing ever invented for super fine hair like mine and Jen invented them!! I have been coming to Jen for over two years now and I am in love with my hair EVERY SINGLE DAY.  If you run your hand down the back of my head you cannot feel the extensions AT ALL.  I have been so happy with this method, with this salon, and especially with Jen herself because she is the most caring, sincere and professional person I know.  I don't live in LA so I have to fly in for appointments and Jen has always made time for me.  The salon is located so conveniently to the airport that it makes it easy for all her out of town clients who come from all over the world.  Once you visit Jennifer Jeanne Celebrity Extensions and try this method you will never go anywhere else.  When your hair looks great, everything else in your life just seems to fall into place ;-)


Danielle S.  Los Angeles,  Ca.

Jennifer is simply amazing. After I got a horrible short hair cut, I did not want to leave the house.  I found CE through yelp and made a consultation with Jennifer, followed by an appointment for the extensions.  Words can't describe how amazing the extensions look - no one believes my hair is fake and I feel like a new person.Jennifer spends a lot of time discussing your options and making sure your hair looks perfect.  In addition to being an expert at extensions, she is an incredibly warm and kind person. I highly recommend CE if you are looking for beautiful extensions.


Judy C.   Temecula, Ca.

Im an older woman, losing my hair. jennifer gave me hair. It is only shoulder length- I dont have to be lady godiva at this point in my life. She's just given me a natural, no-one-would-believe-it's-not-my-hair normal look. for that i am very grateful to her.


Maria M.  Norwalk, Ca.

Jennifer is amazing when you first meet her she  treat you like a friend I love love my extensions. my experience was wonderfully Jennifer made me feel so comfortable and confident about the whole process she explain step by step how to take care of my hair so they'll stay looking great..she even gives you a goodie bag with all the things you need to take care take of your hair.Jennifer knew my birthday was coming up and she gave me a gift.


Cyndie C.  Calabasas, CA

I have always had thin, fine hair. For over a year I tried to grow my hair by getting a trim monthly at my salon. However, in a year's time, my hair only grew out about an inch :(  Then one of my friends said I should get extensions, and for the first time I decided I would check it out. I went online and found Celebrity Extensions, booked my appointment and drove about 40 miles to see Jen.  I was pleasantly surprised! Jen was very informative and showed me what my hair would look like with the extensions. She talked to me and together we decided which type of track was best for me (I chose the A-track because my hair is so thin).  After she put them in, I felt 10 years younger. When I looked in the mirror, I had the beautiful, long and lush hair I have always dreamed about. When I left, I went out with some girlfriends and got so many compliments! Two weeks later I took my kids on a cruise with LOTS of swimming - no problem.  Since then, I have gotten so many compliments on my hair I can't even count them! Some of my closest friends know I have extensions because they saw me get them, but they still say "you can't tell your hair has extensions!" Long beautiful hair does take some work - but to me it's worth it!!! Almost a year has gone by and my hair is now LONGER than the extensions!!! I couldn't be happier.  Thanks Jen for giving me the look I've always wanted.


I love this place! I have had extensions done before, but they were hard to hide and kept ripping out. I have super thin, damaged hair too. I came to celeb extensions and got A-tracks put in, a method that Jen came up with herself. I love them! Everyone who has extensions needs to try A-tracks. It turned out so beautifully, so easy to hide, and so natural looking. I had my consult with Ashley, who is a complete sweetheart and made me feel so comfortable. Jen who does the extensions listened to all my picky requests and did a perfect job, even better than I was hoping for. She is also an awesome lady and made me laugh. This was worth every penny, and I've never been happier with my hair!


Yasmin O.   San Diego,  CA​

I was at a very low point in my life. A girls hair is everything to her. I don't know how I got to where I was.... But I finally had to do something to make a change. After doing my research and asking friends... I prayed for a miracle. My baby sister was getting married and I was not myself behind my thin short hair. When I got in touch with Jennifer and Ashley, they brought a piece of me back to life. I couldn't stop smiling. They made the process easy and kept it real and simple for me. I knew what I needed to do and they made me feel comfortable the entire time. They are always available and never stop being happy for you. This is a new chapter in my life. Because of them I am able to build myself back up and follow my dreams. I will always recommend them. You can't put a price tag on happy. I'm proud of these 2. Don't ever stop believing in something great!!!!

Rachel W.     Oklahoma

I am so over joyed with my extensions !! My whole life I've struggled with fine ,thin hair so these are a dream come true ! Ive worn clip in extensions every day for 3 yrs having these beauties is such a gift !!Jen your not only an amazing stylist but amazing person ! Ashley you are a dream thank you for all you've done . You were both so warm inviting and helpful you've gone above and beyond ! Love the hair & love you both !

Thank you!​

Kathleen H.    West Hills, CA

I am extremely pleased with my extensions!!!Being a cancer survivor my hair was a thin messafter treatment and wasn't getting any better withnew growth.

I tried other extensions but they looked all right for
a while but seemed to be causing additional hair loss
after six months and the locks could be seen when the
wind blew through my hair. I was self-conscious and
really depressed about my appearance.

I started searching for alternatives and found Celebrity
Extensions. On the site, there is a letter from the
Susan Komen Breast Cancer organization so I had to give
them a try - I was desperate.

Its been ten months now and I couldn't be happier.
Yes, there is upkeep but and precautions with extensions
but really no more than if you wanted to keep your natural hair in good shape.

Now lets talk about the atmosphere and service.
The shop is stylish yet with a really comfortable feeling and I always feel very welcome in a private setting.

Since I have to drive from the valley, they really try to accommodate me in scheduling so I can avoid the worst traffic.

The only criticism I have is that there should be a masseuse on staff to complete the pampering experience!

Melody N.    Ventura, CA

Short and sweet, plain and simple: Jen is the best.

Mary and Ana

Jen is the absolute best!!! We went to her salon with a million questions and she was very honest, and not only that, she's incredibly good at what she does!! Jen also made the whole experience so much fun that we are looking forward to our next visit with her. I would not go anywhere else, she delivers quality. Thanks for making our hair look so amazing Jen!


Valentina G Beverly Hills

I have been getting my extensions done in Beverly Hills for the past several years but have not been happy. I figure BH would have the best but that was just my pettiness speaking. I have heard about Celebrity Extensions for years, just so stuck in my ways. I needed a specialist, someone who ONLY does Hair Extensions. Really, after doing my research I realized that I needed to try someone with expertise, someone that only does Hair Extensions. I wish I did it sooner :(Jennifer is a master!!! OMG, I was so stubborn. She knows everything anything when it comes to hair. She has invented her own methods and uses her own amazing quality hair(Celebrity Extensions).I have been to her twice and people actually do fly to her to get their hair extensions done from all over the WORLD. I have witnessed it. I love this girl and her staff. My hair looks better than ever and feels amazing. Thank you, Thank you!!! xo

Sadie K.    Woodland Hills

It totally shocks me there's only one review on here and it's negative. All I can say is no one wants to cop up to their hair extensions and with Jennifer you don't have to! Seriously, I am not one of those chicks in LA who wanted to run around with cheap blonde hair extensions, I'm an actress- I did it for work and I was majorly freaked out about it. When I heard the price I was a little put off because, hey my girlfriend just got extensions for like, four hundred bucks at her house and the girl usually charges a thousand. Yeah, whatever.

Here's the real deal Jennifer uses Russian Virgin hair - what that means is it's never been dyed. Her assistant (who's really cool and beautiful) pick out three different hair colors your hair looks totally lush and real. I'm totally obsessed. My whole life I've had shiiiittty thin hair and now I have lush hair. I started booking acting jobs immediately and I gotta admit it's the damn hair. I'd have Jennifer and Ashley's name tattooed on my rear if it wouldn't piss my boyfriend off who paid for the hair. Hey, it's LA- sue me. Get the best & thank me.

ps- The chick Diana- is right if you don't take care of them they probably will fall off it's A LOT of hair on your head if you want it. I realized that right away. We white girls don't get it. There's some serious maintance involved. You gotta tie it up to sleep, put it in a braid to swim, blah, blah. It doesn't always feel comfy but, when I had my set hair dressers say I had no idea you had extensions I was like that's the price of beauty. Check out my headshots for proof of the lushness. http://www.nowcasting.... xo
After just going back on Yelp to show my friend my comment it had been erased. Yelp wont put any positive reviews on Celebrity Extensions on the page unless Jennifer pays for the advertising. YELP IS EXTORTION.
Maybe they wrote that Diana review, to get Jennifer to pay up, ha! Anyway, I absolutely LOVE this place and you will too.

Rana S.

Jennifer is the nicest and most talented person ever! My friend and I were visiting LA and we heard AMAZING things about her and read great reviews online. She is an expert and is so great at what she does; our hair looked awesome when we left I absolutely loved it and I got so many compliments! She's so cool AND she has so many famous clients but she's still really chill. You definitely need to call ahead because she's booked!! When I go back to LA I'm definitely going back and taking my sisters.

​Sheila B.

I have been coming to Jennifer for over 3 years now. I originally came bc I had bad bad bad metal bead extensions in my hair and it was horrible. She saved me. I left happy with beautiful hair. Hairdressers are always asking about my extensions, and ask if I am interested in trying something new because they know somebody, but as long as Jennifer is here doing hair I will be here getting my hair done. People are always amazed at how natural my hair looks and how healthy it is. I get compliments all the time. Plus, it's just fun to come here. Jennifer, Ashley, and Benelli, I luv them all. It's like coming to see friends :D

Joan V.     Missouri

I have had many types of extensions and none of
Them had worked in my hair. About 8 months ago
I traveled from Missouri to LA and met with Jennifer
and Ashley. The same day I had A-tracks extensions
Put in and absolutely love them! I get compliments
on my hair everyday and no one knows I have
extension! I have thin, fine baby hair and these are
the only extension that has not ruined my hair.
Jennifer and Ashley are amazing!! I never liked my
hair or felt pretty. Now I love my hair and can't imagine
not having my extensions! It's well worth the trip!

​Joana A.

Jen and Ashley at Celebrity Extensions are absolutely AH-MAZING!!! I was searching, quite extensively, for a salon that had experience with clients that suffered from trichotillomania and I am so glad I came to them. I was extremely skeptical as I had a horrible experience with an integrated hairpiece I had pruchased looked like a dead cat on my head...seriously. So my concern was that I would look like I had extensions in. But when I met with Ashley for the consultation I knew within the first 5 minutes I had made the right choice. She was very helpful and addressed all my concerns but more importantly she made me feel totally comfortable with my hair condition. The day of my appt I was nervous as all heck but once Jen was done working her magic...honestly this woman is totally awesome at what she does... I couldn't have been happier. The A traks are so flat that I can't even feel them when I run my hand over my head and better yet NO ONE can tell I even have extensions! After 20+ years I am finally able to wear my hair down and not feel self concious! Thank you Jen and ladies are THEE BEST! See ya soon!

Dana    Beverly Hills

I had the best experience at the salon. Jen is a mastermind when it comes to turning thinning hair and making it full and beautiful! After leaving the salon I got exactly what I wanted thick, long, amazing hair! Thanks Jen! And I'll see you soon!!

TR West    Los Angeles

I have nothing but praise for Celebrity Extensions!!! I always had long thick hair and never needed extensions. Until an over zealous stylist at a high profile salon in LA cut my hair way to short and thinned it!!!! You know the type of stylist who thinks regardless of what you want, they know what you should have....well my hair was nice but not the long luscious locks I was use to. So, after months of trying to have patience and growing it out ....I couldn't take it any more. I started researching extensions and Celebrity Extensions was clearly the place to go. Time after time nothing but happy clients and beautiful work. I am a firm believer that one should not skimp on prices when it comes to plastic surgery or your hair...and certainly NOT hair extensions. Ashley and Jen are amazing and the money spent was well worth it, my hair is amazingly lush and oh so  again! My boyfriend has been giving me nothing but compliments four or five times a day, ever since they were done! Loving it!!! So for all you ladies wanting to change your hair, looks and feel like a million bucks...this is the place to go and the professionals to trust. You will not be disappointed. Now, I want to address the unfortunate negative review that was posted by a previous client. It is clear after reading all the documentation that this client, had some issues and an agenda, and every attempt to appease her by Celebrity Extensions was met with hostile behavior. Any client that walks in and expects free hair certain to be unhappy when they are advised that the business does not give out free hair...besides who the hell would expect that? And then it appears she went on a mission to try to get free hair by making up issues and complaining. With every reasonable offer to correct any of her supposed "issues" met with hostility and more ranting....I urge anyone reading the reviews for Celebrity Extensions to disregard this negative person. It is unfortunate that some people can not be helped or pleased no matter what....but trust me you will not regret your decision by selecting Celebrity Extensions. I have the A tracks and simply love them...I really can't imagine being without them ever!!!! While I was there for my consultation and then having the actual extensions put in, women would come in for consultations with bad work by other salons....looking to Celebrity Extensions for help and correction. It was more than obvious I made the right my hair is my crowning glory. When all the extensions were in place and Jen had me flip my hair upside down and back up and look in the mirror....I was hair was so * * * and beautiful!!! YOURS WILL BE TOO!!!!

Barbara   NYC

Do not go anywhere else if you want hair extension. Trust me, I did and I wish I did know them before. Jen and Ashley are the only ones I trust and I can say that cause I went to an other place before and it looked ok, but my hair was damaged when we took the tracks out.
The A tracks are so much better, look and feel so much more natural and healthier.
I'm so happy I found them and I think having long, beautiful hair makes you happy

Anna D    West Hollywood

I love this place! I have had extensions done before, but they were hard to hide and kept ripping out. I have super thin, damaged hair too. I came to celeb extensions and got A-tracks put in, a method that Jen came up with herself. I love them! Everyone who has extensions needs to try A-tracks. It turned out so beautifully, so easy to hide, and so natural looking. I had my consult with Ashley, who is a complete sweetheart and made me feel so comfortable. Jen who does the extensions listened to all my picky requests and did a perfect job, even better than I was hoping for. She is also an awesome lady and made me laugh. This was worth every penny, and I've never been happier with my hair!

Oh and I read that other review... that comb that they give you is my new favorite comb in the world, it is so cute and I got a pink one, and it is so gentle on my hair. I have extremely damaged hair that was dyed black then bleached blonde, and its getting healthier now with the comb and safe method of extensions. I have had metal beads in the past and it turned my hair green... keratin beads are def better. I blow dry, straighten, or curl my hair when I go out- no problem.

Aly P   Beverly Hills

After having had extensions put in from various high end places in Los Angeles I was about ready to give up. The hair was always bad, bonds would come loose or even break, I decided to try one last time. I found celebrity extensions and decided to try it. 2 years later I'm still coming back! The hair quality alone speaks for itself. Jennifer, the girl who puts them in is methodical, quick and thorough. The most important thing to me with any beauty process is that the end result looks natural and every tie without fail I leave celebrity extensions with natural looking, lucious * * * hair. Also I think the amount of integrity this institution embodies shoulld be noted, they literally will not put in say, an atrack if they don't believe the clients hair can handle it. If you're craving longer locks I highly recommend giving this place a try.

​Andrea B   Santa Monica

I only have a minute but I was shocked to see the previous review as I had a wonderful experience with Jen and Ashley and plan to go back. I have received so many compliments and they were so good to me and I did have a consultation one week prior to my appointment, and I was informed about the 50% down and that the deposit was non-refundable. In addition, I have met at least 3 other clients who have been going to Jen for years and drive from all over CA just to see Jen because of the fantastic work she does. I hope you will give Jen a try.


Tiara D   Beverly Hills

I do not have any sort of major hair problems, I just find myself quite picky.

And because I want hair extensions, I have to get the best. The best for my hair
(to keep it healthy and growing), the best for me (so that the extensions
themselves do not look fake) and the best just to say "I have the best"!!

The dilemma is "who am I going to trust to fully take on the task in satisfying
my needs"? So, that's when I made an objection to research for "the best"!!! And
I found Jennifer. I fell in love with the website, immediately showing the
before and after pics, explaining the details of other stylist who use their own
routes in applying the extensions leaving the hair damaged, the proper way of
applying extensions, and the fact that Jennifer, herself, takes on challenges in
truly trying to help her clients. Ultimately, I felt comfortable.

So I called, made an appt for a consultation..and WOW, soon as I walked in, I
knew I was in the right place. Ashley and I got started right away: speaking
about what I needed, what to expect, what not expect, how to care for the hair,
we picked 3 different but similar shades of brown to make the finished style
appear as natural as possible, I had so many questions and didn't feel rushed,
just felt welcomed. The space in the salon is well utilized and very intimate.
You may feel like you're at your best friends house hanging out and gossiping!
Maybe I should just sum it up..I finally made my appt for "the best", Jennifer.
We greeted, hugged and got started, even popping a glass of champagne! We
chatted the entire time! I went from my hair being in a cute Vic Beckham bob to
an extensive 22" Naomi Campbell long beautiful locks. I'm still smiling and it's
been a month since I walked out of the salon!! I cannot help it. I take very
good care of my hair, aheem, extensions and am constantly complemented-which is
an understatement. So many of my friends, family, acquaintance are amazed at how
real my hair looks and feels. I wear it up, down, Kim K curls, super bone
straight, half up, messy and no matter what, the extensions looks completely
real; however, you do have to take care of your hair. You paid for it, so treat
it well and it will do the same to you.

For anyone who is researching out there, skeptical, scared to get the classic
stylist who really just cares about their tip or sale, who wants excellent
service and to feel selflessly comfortable, Jennifer Jeanne salon is for you.
She's more than amazing at what she does. Put it this way, go for a
consultation, check out the salon and see what your intuition tells you..and
sure enough, you'll be just like me-a huge fan writing a review!

Lauryn G    NY

I am completely shocked to see any poor reviews on the work of Jennifer and her team. Without hyperbole or over-dramatization, I can honestly say that Jennifer Jeanne saved my life. At 20 years old, my hair started falling out in chunks. I underwent years of very stressful and painful medical investigation, with no explanation for my sudden balding. By 22, I was wearing a wig every day, which made me more physically and emotionally uncomfortable than I had ever been in my life. I stopped dating and going out all together because of my overwhelming self-consciousness. I sent photographs of my balding head to many hair stylists specializing in weaves or extensions, most of who said that I would never be able to do anything but wear a wig. Jennifer is a bloody miracle worker. Somehow, she has taken the thin, scraggly remnants of my hair and transformed it into the long, thick, shiny mane I've always craved. I had convinced myself that I would never have a beautiful head of hair again, and when I saw Jennifer's work for the first time, I cried. (Pretty embarrassing, so I'm lucky she was so sweet about it!) Due to the fragility of my own hair, Jennifer takes extra-special care to avoid any damage; even with my weak hair, I have never experienced any kind of breakage or patchiness that I have heard happening with other extensions. Celebrity Extensions uses only top-notch products - the hair extensions themselves remain silky and healthy throughout the wear. Jennifer and Ashley provide first-rate service: I never leave without a goody bag of salon shampoo, different brushes, shining serum, scrunchies, and other treats. Ashley contacts me several times between applications just to check-in on my hair and my life. Though I have moved to New York, I continue to fly back to LA about every 4 months to reapply my extensions with Jennifer. It sounds crazy, but she really is that good. People compliment me on my hair all the time, and no one has a clue that it is not my own! Jennifer has returned to me a self-confidence and happiness that I had thought lost. I hope that other women out there who are going through what I have gone through find a salon as knowledgeable, talented, and compassionate as this one.

Rachel R    Los Angeles

I don't know how anybody can say anything bad about Celebrity extensions. I have had my extensions there twice now and have been very happy with the results. Jen takes the time and attention so you really feel taken care of. I went back in 2 months and she even did a completely free freshen up and sent me home with a satin pillow case and shampoo.
I get compliments every day about my hair because it looks so real. I am an actress and it is important that my hair not look fake and Jen makes sure that when you leave the salon you only look more beautiful, and the hair really looks and feels like my own.
I will continue going back to her because I have been to other salons and have paid 3 times the amount and it has not looked as good.
I would recommend this place to anyone that wants to go to a place they can trust for a job well done!!!!!!!​

Wendy W    California

At Celebrity Extensions it’s not just about great hair but it’s becoming part of a family. The shop has a beautiful, comfortable atmosphere and when you add Jennifer and Ashley, it’s an over the top experience!

Jennifer did such an amazing job choosing the right hair for me. The colors and texture matched my hair perfectly. I have gotten so many compliments since my appointment. Jen and Ashley are there for their clients. They make themselves available to each one of us, weather we have questions or just want to say hello.

If you want the best hair and experience, go to Celebrity Extensions! Thank you Jen, you deserve this! ;-)

Sharon A    Newport Beach

Jennifer and Ashley are the most accomodating and skilled ladies out there. They are not just my stylists, they make coming for services something to look forward to. A client forever!

Debbie S   Oakland

I'm thrilled with Jennifer's work ! My hair now looks great and I'm always getting compliments. I wouldn't be flying in from the Bay Area if Jenifer was anything less than stellar.Ashley is also wonderful and helps you to understand the process.
This salon is the best in the business. Check it out !

Ricki Ann  Las Vegas

I came to to Celebrity Hair Extentions last year and made it my new home for almost a year..They made me look and feel so beautiful...I had 16 inch extentions and then got daring and went to 24 inches..I felt and looked so sexy..If it wasnt for celebrity extentions I wouldnt have had all the confidence they gave me to go out and have fun and be bold and daring!..I love the ladies and staff..You bet Ill be back..!!They have my vote and always will be number 1!

Chastity B   Hawaii

My experience with Jennifer and her team at Celebrity Extensions has been OUTSTANDING!! Their service is the epitomy of quality customer service and skilled talent for their type of service. Jennifer sets her salon apart from other salons that provide similar services through her thoroughness and quality of work. She is GREAT at what she does and it is evident when I receive high compliments from others in the same type of business. It makes me feel SO GOOD knowing that Jennifer is the person doing my hair. I get plenty of compliments on my hair and it feels good knowing that Jennifer is able to provide that for me through her expertise in the application of the extensions. Not only is she skilled at what she does, but she is just an overall FANTASTIC person. I never felt like I was just a customer to her and it was just a business for her. That's what's GREAT about Jennifer! She makes her customers feel at home when they are sitting in that chair while she is working on them.

Tara S   Boise, Idaho

Absolutely AMAZING! Most of my hair fell out during chemotherapy, so as soon as it was an inch and a half long, I began searching for someone to do my extensions. I live in Idaho, but traveled to LA to see decision I ever made. She gave me all of my confidence back, along with my hair. I will never go to another person to do my extensions...I LOVE the job Jennifer does!

Stacy D    Los Angeles

Thank you Celebrity Extensions ...Jennifer, for changing my life! You have given me a new found confidence and my life hasn't been the same ever since! Jennifer, you are absolutely amazing at what you do - what an incredible person --- you change women's lives, especially women suffering from trichotillomania - like myself. I recommend Jennifer to any trich sufferer - she will absolutely change the way you look but more importantly change the way you feel about yourself! Thank you Jennifer for changing my life - and making me feel absolutely beautiful in my own skin! You deserve BEST Hair Extension Salon --- and so much more for what you have done for me and so many women!

Eyan J   Beverly Hills

Im writting this because my wife has been going to Celebrity Extensions for about 3 years now. Everytime she goes to the salon she comes home looking like she just got off of a runway. She is always so radient. Jennifer couldnt possably do the job any better I want to thank you Jennifer for building my wifes confidence.

Sandy     Boston

Best salon for all women that want it done right. this is the best salon u will ever go to I am a Boston mass girl my boyfriend lives in Cali and I had glued in extensions in my hair once I went to Jen my hair life changed I refuse to go anywhere but here they did an amazing job and my hair is healthier and thicker then ever from the e extensions. The salon itself is welcoming and great atmosphere... Thank you Jen and Ashlee you guys a re an amazing salon and I guarantee the number 1 salon for me and my hair need u guys a re amazing.... just to get my hair done I fly to LA... Love you guys and thank you soo much I will be back more then you think!!!!!!

Janice Kay      Studio City

Best Hair Extensions for Thin & Fine Hair. I learned about Celebrity Extensions from their website, and I was absolutely amazed at the before and after pictures. I have very thin, fine hair. I did not think I would be a candidate for hair extensions. I was nervous about wearing extensions because I had been wearing a hair piece for many years. After my consultation, I learned about Jennifer.... I have never turned back, it's been years now and my life has changed forever. I love this place, it is a home away from home.. 

​Lauren S

"hey jen! thanks so much for doin my hair...i'm glad i did it! you do a great job & i'll definitely recommend you to anyone i know that wants to get theirs done! xoxo"

Sarah P

​"OMG Jen my hair looks so awesome... it lasted so long.... Everyone was totally complimenting me it rocked.. love ya!"

Elaine K. 

"Jen, you have changed the way I thought about hair extensions..

Now I know the differences. I love what you do, no one thinks my hair is hair extensions, you blend them the BEST!
Addicted :)"

Natacsha K

"I had Micro links before I found Jennifer and they totally damaged my hair, Jennifer fixed the problem with the protein bonds and my hair hasn't broken since."

Anahi S

"I haven't had hair like this since High School! I feel so pretty and sexy! Thank you Jennifer."

Demetriss A

"I am an African-American woman and I have been use to wearing braids/tracks in my hair forever but Jennifer showed me that we can wear these extensions as well and they are so much more flexible and the hair is A1, silky and smooth! My own hair is coarse but these blend and make my hair look beautiful! I have never seen my hair look so amazing! Thank you Jennifer

Alysa E. 

"JEEEEENNNNNNN ....Thank you soo much for my extensions..they aree do them best......tehe......


Heather V. 

Fabulous!! Perfect! I have felt like a brand new person since, and it was one of the best experiences ive had! I am addicted! :-)

Mimi F. 

*^_^* Simply the BEST! I had my extensions in for exactly 3 months, they looked great till the last day i had them in (ofcourse i followed her directions on how to care for them!) , i was a bit worried to remove them, but ofcourse Jennifer was BEYOND was so easy and pain free! My hair remains as silky and healthy as it did before the extensions! i gve her ***** YES 5 stars!!!!!!!! i recommend her 1000%!

Cassandra S. 

i got my hair extensions done by jennifer last week, prices are very reasonable and the quality of the hair could be no feels like silk! i've had non-stop compliments about my hair since i've gotten it done, and not to mention everyone thought it was my real hair. i TOTALLY recommend that if you are shopping around for a hair extension artist you go to jen :) she really takes pride in her work and she is also the sweetest girl and you will enjoy her company while she molds you into a masterpiece!

Alissa R

I had hair extensions put in for the very first time and I love them!! I was really skeptical at first because I have seen some really bad extensions. After consulting with Jennifer, and learning her past experience with extensions, I felt very comfortable. She did an amazing job and she was right...I am already addicted!

Donna D. 

Thank you Jennifer! I went to see Jennifer after another salon destroyed my hair. I was in tears, Jennifer fixed my hair with her beautiful extensions!My hair looks beautiful, I love the new me. I have had extensions before , but these are different and so natural, you forget you have extensions in your hair. Jennifer loves what she does and it shows in her work. Jennifer is so fun,I have new hair and a new friend! Thank uuuuuuuu Jennifer See u soon, Donna


Celebrity Extensions is an all inclusive classy boutiquie that offers everything from top of the line hair extensions to couture one of a kind clothing and a variety of other beauty services such as facials and waxing. Jen is the extensions expert who corrected my hair after having a terrible extensions experience. I was so pleased with the results (the color, cut, length, quality etc.) that I will never let anyone touch my hair again besides her. I've always been particular about who does my hair and Jen exceeded all my expectations and beyond. I have such a fun time whenever I'm at Celebrity Extensions that I just stop by to browse the boutique and say hi whenever I'm in the area- they always have new super cute clothes and accessories and are a pleasure to see. Thanks Jen for helping me create the gorgeous young woman you see today!

Rebecca H. 
WOW.....Jen is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!!! A couple of months ago I made the horrible mistake of trying and turn my black hair blond by letting someone completly bleach my whole head. Lets just say that I haven't really wanted to leave the house since then. I decided that extensions were going to be the only thing that was going to make me feel and look like myself again. I was a little worried about getting the extensions since I have had a bad experience with them in the past. And since I didn't know anyone that could refer me to anyone I really did my research before making a descision Jen answered all my questions and then some....This girl KNOWS her extensions!!!! She loves what she does and she loves her customers...and it definitely shows. I couldn't be happier....I feel like a new person. I've gotten so many compliments...people can't believe how perfectly she matched the color. Me...I was floored at how she was able to blend my totally damaged hair into the extension so that you couldn't tell the difference. If you're considering extensions you NEED to talk to Jen...she'll take care of you!

Lauren W. 
After reading the other reviews for Jen, I realize mine is going to sound awfully unoriginal and redundant.... After years of milking the "bob" for everything it was worth (stacked, asymetrical, bangs, side part, middle part, and every other imaginable way you can wear it) I was exhausted and bored. Enter Jen, her mad skills and 3 oz of the most beautifully long hair I've ever seen. After a couple of hours chatting with her while she worked her magic, I walked out with that beautiful long hair perfectly blended into mine. OMG - I have gorgeous hair! And its A-MAZING. Goodbye will not be missed. Jen definately made my first time a great experience and I most definately will be coming back for more. Love her and looooooooooove my hair!

Nouchee V. 
I was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago and lost all my hair during chemo treatment. I am now in remission and my hair is growing back. I am of Asian decent and had long black hair. I wanted my long hair back and Jen gave it to me. I feel more confident and sexier. I'm recommending all my Asian friends to Jen. Thanks Jen, see ya soon.

​Amy A. 

This place is great!!!!!!! I am always scared to death to have any new person do my hair. I went to Jen and she totally put my nerves to rest. My hair now looks soooooo good. She not only put in great extensions, but Jen is a caring stylist. She explained everything I need to know and expressed if I have any questions she is always available to me. My husband and son said this is the BEST my hair has ever looked. Jen is now the only person I will ever let touch my hair

Julie   Los Angeles

Thanks so much Ashley and Jenn! You are miracle workers and I'm way happier with the results than I had imagined. Not only did you turn dreadful  into beautiful, makeup. My hair made my boyfriend temporarily insane, whew!  I also had a great time with you both.  The girl talk  was highly therapeutic Ashley and Jenn...You're a woman after my own heart! Ha! Ha! You guys rock and I'll be seeing you again when it's time for a tune up.

Lots of xoxo, Julie  

Leslie R    Sherman Oaks

I have been a client of Jennifer's for several years now and I'm always so happy with my hair extensions from her. The first time I went to Jen for extensions was back in 2008, I had cut my hair really short and regretted doing so shortly after. So when I researched hair extension salons in the Los Angeles area I came upon Celebrity extensions. I was quite impressed by their website and explanation of how they attach the hair extensions. Many other salons seem to use harmful glues that can damage your hair, but Celebrity extensions uses keratin which is what your hair is made from. I have had hair extensions in since the first time I went to Celebrity Extensions to get them done. I get them taken out and put back in every few months (probably every 4 or 5 months. The hair is beautiful and great quality and will last a long time if you take care of it, which I always do.  It's a great salon, great environment and fabulous product. I'm sure I'll keep going back for years to come! 


Jennifer G   Redondo Beach, CA

It has been 2 weeks since my appt and I love my hair. It looks better than I expected! I have had various hair extensions throughout my life and have always known that caring for them takes lots of TLC. My experience with the professionalism and kindness by Jen and Ashley was the beyond expectation, they walked me thru the whole process from my consultation to day of my appt, and I have never been happier with the result. If you have ever wanted hair extensions done by a true caring professional - book your appt with Jen. You won't regret it! Thank you Jen and Ashley! 

Victoria L    Beverly Hills 

​I came to Celebrity Extensions so desprate for some one to help me, my hair was so thin and had been cut, so not only was it shorter but so much thinner looking. So I went on line and read all the great reviews of Celebrity Extensions and thought what could I lose, nothing at this point. So I booked a appointment and was so happy with the over all experience. In fact two of my friends have made an appointment one of them just went and feels the exact same way. I just had to share my wonderful and professional experience. All I can say is I won't think twice about booking an appointment. Even my husband says he loves it. And that says alot. When I started talking about it and researching it he wasn't thrilled to say the least. Because when I would show him people with extensions he always said he hated they way they looked. Until now and he loves it. Though IT'S so important to take care of them in the manner that Jennifer tells you. I can't wait to go back!!!! 

​Debbie S    Nor Cal 

I'm thrilled with Jennifer's work ! My hair now looks great and I'm always getting compliments. I wouldn't be flying in from the Bay Area if Jennifer was anything less than stellar.Ashley is also wonderful and helps you to understand the process. This salon is the best in the business. Check it out !

​Lisa L    Los Angeles  

Well, I guess mine isn't going to sound much different than the others. I just left the salon about 2 hours ago. I love this place! I always feel like Im at a little get together at the salon. This place is really just the most comfortable salon Ive ever been to. Jennifer really knows how to make her clients feel at ease. She is so busy with clients 1 after another, after another because of how good she is! Jen my  hair has NEVER looked so good in my life! Thank you,   Thank you, Thank you!  

Ani P    Reseda

I've been coming to Jen for almost 2 years now and I am extremely happy with her skills, professionalism, and the overall experience. The fact that I live over 30 miles away yet continuously make the trek to her salon can attest to how much I appreciate the services she does for me. I have curly, super-frizzy hair and have always had issues styling my hair and making it look good. After the first time I got my extensions, I was completely dazzled at how good it looked. No one to this day even knows I have extensions, they think it's my natural hair!  Jen honestly has saved my life from dull, lifeless hair syndrome and I would continuously go to her even if I lived 100 miles away. No one has been able to seamlessly blend my extensions to my hair quite so well. And I dont know if i'm just really careful or what, but my extensions always last at least 5 months. By then they start to grow out, which is when its time to get new ones. It's an investment but totally worth it.

​JKP    Los Angeles 

I have very thin, fine hair.  I did not think I would be a candidate for hair extensions.  After my consultation, I learned about Jennifer's A Track technology for people like me. I was absolutely amazed!  Jennifer was able to restore my hair to look EXACTLY the way it did before the thinning.  I cant say enough great things about Jennifer and Ashley.   They perfectly matched my natural hair color and texture to the extensions so well that they are undetectable. I was surprised at the level of customer service, too. Have you ever had your stylist call you a couple times a month just to check in and see how things are going with your hair?  Im so glad I went to Jennifer first.  I'll be a customer for life! 

Brandi C    Miami

I have been flying to L.A to get my extensions done by Jen for the past 2 years, every 3 months. I know it sounds crazy but the truth is, it is so hard to find someone that does extensions right. Jen is such a perfectionist that she wont even let you leave unless your hair looks amazing. I don't trust anyone else to touch my hair. I love my hair and so does everyone else!  Ashley rocks too. She is always so helpful and stays intouch with me to make sure everything is always perfect.  And BIGGGG KISSES to Benelli!

Angelique    Florida  

​I have had extensions done by the top extensionist all over the US from New York, to Miami to Los Angeles. Jennifer is hands down the most skilled and passionate stylist I have ever had. Everytime I tell someone I have extensions they barely believe me because it looks so natural. Even friends I have had for years have never noticed. She is truly so talented, her amazing work is a true testament to how much she enjoys her job and pays such close attention to detail. Not to mention I always have a blast with her whenever I am sitting in her chair, in fact she finishes so fast I often which I could stay longer and keep chatting away with her. She is a genuine expert in her field and such a sweetheart!! Can't wait to get my next set put in. 

Carolann    Malibu

After losing chunks of hair due to thyroid disease, I had tried extensions from various salons around Los Angeles and Santa Monica.  I must say that Jennifer's extensions are the absolute best!!  She is a true professional who really knows what she is doing.  She explained everything I needed to know, as well as how to take care of my extensions so they would continue to look fabulous.  Jennifer has been doing my extensions for about 3 years now, and I would never, ever consider letting anyone else touch my hair!  The new A-trak system that Jen uses is soooo awesome!  My boyfriend can run his hand down the back of my head and not feel the extensions...totally natural looking and feeling.  My natural hair is growing back healthier than it ever had with the old extensions which had previously damaged my hair.  I not look beautiful again, with my long, gorgeous hair.  Jen and Ashley are such sweethearts!  No need to look anywhere else if you want the best extensions ever.  

Kathleen San Diego 

I've been driving from San Diego to Jen's salon for extensions 2 years and can't say enough wonderful things about her, the salon, the quality of the extensions, and her expertise.  At my first appointment I had short blonde hair that was over-processed and unhealthy.  With the knowledge that they gave me on taking care of extensions, now my own hair is long and healthy! I was referred to Jen by a friend who has been getting extensions at Jen's for several years.  She chose Jen because Jen always stays up to date with the best quality and application methods.  I'm Addicted!!!--- I still get extensions for fullness even though my hair is as long as the extensions.  From the minute I arrive I'm treated like a V.I.P.  Being greeted by Ashley and Benelli always brings a big smile to my face.  The salon has an atmosphere like no other --- you'll love it!!  ​


Samantha   Los Angeles 

If you are thinking about getting extensions or have had a bad experience in the past with them, look no further.  Jennifer is an extension artist.  I got extensions in September 2010 and I still have them 8 months later and they still look wonderful. I take special care of my hair and everybody comments on how beautiful it is.  I have red hair so it is not easy to match my color but Jennifer was able to make it look so natural.  Now when I color my hair I just match the extensions and it works beautifully.  If you are thinking about getting extensions do not go anywhere else!  Jennifer may cost more but the price of having healthy hair with extensions is worth every penny.

Kristin   Los Angeles 

Jen is an absolute master at hair extensions. My hair has never looked better in my entire life. No one! has ever even guessed that I have extensions. She has so beautifully matched my own hair that my colorist could not tell I had extensions until he touched my head. Don't waste time or money going anywhere else. You will be happy beyond belief and become addicted to your new fabulous locks! 

Leslie   LA

Let me say this... Jennifer and Ashley are the best!  I love love love my extensions.  Not only do I get tons of compliments, my experience was wonderful.  Super sweet and tons of fun!  I've always wanted thick long hair and now I have it.  I was a little concerned as I have never ventured down the road of extensions before, but Jen and Ash both put my mind at ease and made me feel comfortable.  Not only did they deliver on their promise, they kept me comfortable during the whole process.  I wouldn't go anywhere else!


​Kristen K    Los Angeles  

Jen so rocks! I honestly cant say enough about how great the whole experience was. I had terrible metal bonds before that were ripping out my hair. Jen made me feel so comfortable and confident about the whole process-she explained thoroughly how to take care of them so they stay looking great and she totally worked with me on the price. I love this girl...and my hair! Thanks Jen for everything! I'll be back soon..

Rebecca Johnson   Canada  

Jen is absolutely INCREDIBLE! A couple of months ago I made the horrible mistake of trying and turn my black hair blond by letting someone completly bleach my whole head.Lets just say that I haven't really wanted to leave the house since then.I decided that extensions were going to be the only thing that was going to make me feel and look like myself again.I was a little worried about getting the extensions since I had a bad experience with them in the past.I really did my research before making a descision Jen answered all my questions and then some.This girl KNOWS her extensions! She loves what she does and she loves her definitely shows.I feel like a new person.I've gotten so many compliments.people can't believe how perfectly she matched the color. Me.I was floored at how she was able to blend my totally damaged hair into the extension so that you couldn't tell the difference.If you're considering extensions you NEED to talk to Jen.she'll take care of you! 



Kayla   Burbank

I had a great experience with Jennifer and Ashley. They are so friendly and the salon is beautiful. My self esteem was boosted tremendously after seeing Jennifer. I'm so happy with the outcome of my hair.

McKenzie Wilson   Dallas, TX
I'm a hard sale on a good day, and I just wanted to take the time to tell everyone how Jennifer Jeanne salon rocked my socks off! I had my extensions for over a year and I wouldn't trust my hair to ANYONE else! Jennifer and Ashley are the BEST and my extensions looked like a million bucks. I never lost a bead (thats right NEVER) or had any issues with my extensions. There is virtually no up keep and they really teach you how to be nice to your hair. Unfortunately I had to move away and had to have them removed, but my hair looked just as healthy (if not healthier) than it did the day I got them put in for the first time. I would recommend this salon to the toughest of critics...I'm almost tempted to start flying to LA every few months to get them reapplied and taken care of...thats how good they are.

Jane Kratochvil    Valencia
Jen is a true gem that makes you feel  beautiful from the moment you walk in the door.   I've been a client of Jen's  for over a year and each and every time I leave her chair I feel like the most beautiful woman in the world.   She is truly an artist and is beyond any Beverly hills salon.  Take the plunge if this is your first time like I did you will be sold within min.   Jen is beautiful and has a clientele that would want any aspiring model or young woman to step out and look her best.   You will not make a mistake by making the investment.  Don't be fooled by other salons, Jen does this 100 percent of the time.  That is why she is the best.     You would want someone who is equally as beautiful working on your head.  Also Ashely her assistant is so professional and follows up and makes sure you are comfortable with every part of the process. 

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