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Are Hair Extensions Magic?

Most would say that are Hair Extensions are magic! 

But let's just clarify what magic means in this scenario.

Short hair to long hair in under 2 hours, POOF magic! 

Do hair extensions make your hair grow? The answer is no.

Your hair grows with or without extensions. Your hair will continue to grow with hair extensions as long as you take care of your  hair while wearing the hair extensions.

As a matter of fact you may think that your hair is growing more with hair extensions in but its not growing any faster. You just now notice it growing more because most everyone's hair grows about a half an inch per month. So with the tracks or bonds in your hair and maintenance required, you get to actually see how much your hair has grown. 

Many clients will get hair extensions to wait out the time of growth. But will need a trim if you decide to remove your hair extensions. Just like ones own natural hair we need trims to get rid of splits ends. Hair extension hair also get splitends as it human hair.

(P.S, I wish I had this girls hair in the picture. So pretty!)

Celebrity Extensions
Hair extensions can be magic ;)

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