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Types of Hair Extensions: Micro Mini Bond Hair Extensions (Part 2 of 2)

So last week I got into Atrak and Flat track hair extensions. What they are, how they work, what they look like. This week I’m going to go over the other type of hair extension that we do here at Celebrity Extensions: Micro Mini Bonds.

A Micro Mini Bond hair extension is a small, individual cluster of hair that is tipped with a keratin and nylon bond. This bond is heated at a low temperature and then applied to a small section of your hair, about 15-20 strands.  This is repeated, and the hair extensions are applied in rows along the back and sides of your head.

Unlike the Atrack and Flat track hair extensions, the Micro Mini Bond extensions are not tracks, but individual, which allows the hair to flow more naturally and also allows the wearer more freedom when choosing hairstyles. Because track hair extensions are long pieces that are secured to your head with silicone beads, the hair wants to flow down, and doesn’t move or stay covered very well if you are attempting a high up-do.  This is where the Micro Mini Bonds have the advantage: because they flow with your natural hair, you can style Micro Mini Bond hair extensions just about any way that you can style your natural hair!

Celebrity Extensions
Celebrity Extensions Micro Mini Bonds

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