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Traveling With Hair Extensions

Take a moment to consider that your hair extensions have come from another person and possibly from another place in the world. Even though the hair color might match your own, the hair was grown with different conditions affecting it, such as the type of water used to wash it, the atmospheric conditions in the area the hair came from, and even just the genetics of the person who donated it. Just as traveling out of state or even out of country can affect your natural hair, so too can it affect your hair extensions. Because of this, it is important to be prepared for a hair emergency while traveling.

Do you have soft water at home? If you do, know that traveling somewhere where the water is harder could affect your hair extensions by drying them out and making them brittle, as the hair is not accustomed to all the minerals in the water.

Likewise, if you are planning on taking a dip in the ocean, know that the salt can also dry out your hair extensions. A good way to protect your hair from salt water is to apply a coat of coconut oil to your hair and hair extensions, and put your hair in a tight braid. This both puts a protective layer between the salt water and your hair and keeps it from tangling. We also recommend taking a clarifying shampoo with you to help remove any salt build up in your hair.

But most importantly, no matter where you go or the conditions there we recommend that you take a good daily leave-in conditioner with you, as this will help you combat dryness, frizz, brittleness, and pretty much anything else that can happen to your hair extensions.

So when preparing to travel, it is important to ask yourself questions such as, “Will it be humid where I’m going? Will it be hot and dry? Do I know what the water quality is there, is it much different from where I live?” Considering these factors before hand can save you a HUGE headache if your hair extensions decide to rebel, as you can prepare yourself by making sure that you have the right products to combat any dryness or frizz that might occur. 

Celebrity Extensions
Coconut oil is amazing for Celebrity Extensions

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