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Sex, Sweat, Sleeping & Swimming with Human Hair Extensions?!

The 4 serious S's. Sex, Sweat, Sleeping and Swimming with Hair Extensions! Yup, these are the MOST important things to take note of while wearing human hair extensions

We naturally produce detangling oils through our scalp that help prevent tangling. When wearing hair extensions, you can pretty much say adios to those oils. The bonds or tracks block those oils that we need so much.

Without further ado, BRAIDS, BRAIDS, BRAIDS

Braids will save your expensive investment from that nasty Rasta Dred that is almost impossible to get out, even with extra detangling product. 

Sex, when having sex with hair extensions (OMG, I can't believe she's saying this) make sure to keep your hair above the pillow and preferibly a braid or 2 off of your back.  When the hair gets stuck under your back during fun play that can pull causing bald spots and definately tangle from all of the tossing and turning ;).

Sweat, whether you are working out or in a hot environment with hair extensions,  sweat that is producing on your back or neck may cause your hair extensions to dry out from the presperation. Prevent dryness and tangling by keeping your hair extensions up in a twist, braid and/or high ponytail. 

Sleeping, never ever go to sleep with your hair extensions down or wet! I don't care how sexy you are trying to be, hair extensions do not agree with sleep for some reason. Use a satin or silk pillowcase. Braid your hair extensions either in 1 or 2 braids both off to the side. If you do not like this option, the only other option is a unicorn ponytail ontop of your head. Gentley flip your head over and brush your hair above your ears and tie with a scrunchy. Nothing should ever be behind your head while sleeping because we toss and turn which can cause unnecessary morning tangles.

Swimming, oh boy...... Where do I begin, YIKES! Pool, ocean, rivers, whatever! BRAID, no choices, no options! Even better, use coconut oil before the braid as a layer of protection from everything that can hurt your hair extensions in these public places. 

Celebrity Extensions
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