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Dying Your Hair Extensions

So you just got your new hair extensions put in, and you’re absolutely loving them! Your hair is flowing in the wind and the world is your oyster!

But maybe after a time you decide you want to go lighter with your hair for the summer, or darker for the winter. A girl’s got to keep up with her seasons! The question you may find yourself asking is, “Is it safe to dye my hair extensions?”

The answer is YES! But also, no. Let me explain.

If you are considering coloring your hair, it is always best to have your hair colored first and then have hair extensions of a matching color added, especially if you want to go lighter with your hair. This is because using chemicals to lighten your hair extensions will dry them out and cause them to become brittle and break.

Hair extensions are not attached to your head the way your own hair is, and therefore does not receive the nourishing oils that your scalp produces to protect and strengthen your hair. This means that while you can add color to your hair extensions and darken them, you should never bleach or lighten your hair extensions.

Remember, if you ever have any questions about what is safe for your hair extensions you can always ask your Celebrity Extensions Specialist, we’re always happy to help!

We do not recommend dying your hair extensions

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