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Best Hair Extensions

As you are doing your research and trying to decide what the best hair extensions are, you will probably find yourself asking, “What exactly makes hair extensions ‘the best’?” Well never fear, Celebrity Extensions is here!

When looking for the best quality extensions you should be looking for three things: Is the hair real human hair? Is the hair virgin? Is the hair remy? These three things will determine whether the hair extensions in question are of the best quality.

First, lets go over real human hair extensions versus synthetic hair extensions. While synthetic hair extensions may be cheaper, you definitely get what you pay for. Synthetic hair extensions don’t blend as well with your natural hair, which can make it very apparent that you have hair extensions in your hair. Synthetic hair also doesn’t hold up against heat very well, and both non-remy and synthetic hair are more prone to tangling than remy hair (though product build up on any type of hair extension can cause tangling).

The next question to ask is whether the hair is virgin. This is important because virgin hair has never been processed; it hasn’t been exposed to chemicals for styling, nor has it been colored. Because of this, the hair is much stronger and healthier than hair that has been processed, and the hair extensions will last longer.

And finally, the question of whether the hair is remy. When you hear the term “remy” in relation to hair, what it means is that the hair all runs in the same direction. When the hair is not matched to run in the same direction, you end up with frizzy hair, because when you brush it you are forcing some of the hair cuticles in the opposite direction. When the hair is remy, the cuticles all lay flat and sleek.

At Celebrity Extensions, all of our hair extensions are 100% natural virgin human remy hair, and our clients know and trust that we use the very best hair extensions available. So when you’re ready, give us a call and come see what top notch is all about!

Remy hair and non-remy hair

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