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Let's talk about Hair Extensions

At Celebrity Extensions we use only top quality, 100% natural human (Russian) remy hair in our extensions. What is “remy” hair you ask? This is hair that has been matched to ensure that the hair follicles are all running in the same direction, making the hair smoother and reducing the ability to become frizzy. 

We provide three different types of hair extensions: A-Trak, Flat track, and Micro Mini Bond individual extensions. What does this mean exactly? Let us explain!

Celebrity Extensions and A-Trak Hair Extensions were actually created by Jennifer here at Celebrity Extensions, and are an innovative new way to wear hair extensions. The A trak has a polyurethane (rubber) waterproof track that is flexible with the scalp, and lays flatter than traditional flat track hair extensions, which is great for clients with finer hair who don’t want the tell tale “track bump” in their hair.

Flat track hair extensions are made with the more traditional machine weft and are therefore thicker, and more suited for clients with naturally thicker hair. Both flat track and A trak hair extensions can last up to a year with proper care, and can be raised back to the scalp on a monthly basis to maintain the best appearance.

Micro mini bond individual hair extensions are made with a Keratin bond. Keratin is the same fiber that makes up your hair and nails naturally, there is absolutely NO glue used to secure these hair extensions. These hair extensions are applied to your hair in individual pieces, which allows more natural movement of the hair when styling. Unlike the A trak and flat track, however, these hair extensions can only be bonded and used once, and must be removed and replaced about every five months as they grow out.

As you can see, we have a few different options available if you are thinking of getting hair extensions. But no matter what type of hair extension you decided on, you can trust that Celebrity Extensions will do the utmost to make sure that your hair is well taken care of and absolutely beautiful!

Keratin Bonds
Strand by Strand method

Celebrity Extensions
Long Sexy Hair Extensions

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